John is a meticulous and thoughtful surgeon, taking great care to make sure that his private patients are given all the information they need to make a decision. He will always take time to explain any procedure and make sure that his patient is able to consider carefully with him the pros and cons of surgery or other cosmetic procedure.

John has many years or experience and his day to day work is built on the strong foundations of well developed technical skills and a detailed understanding of the limitations in what surgery can offer. Sometimes surgery is not the right answer and he will not undertake any operation or procedure if he does not believe it is going to help.

He is highly respected by his peers and has well established contacts with colleagues in the UK and abroad. If he thinks another surgeon would be better for you he will encourage you to see them and sometimes a second opinion can help someone make up their mind. John is an approachable and compassionate doctor and will work with you to make the best decision for you.