Private Practice


John can see you privately in Exeter or Taunton. He has consulting rooms in the St Leonard’s district at the centre of Exeter and holds clinics in the two local Nuffield hospitals.

The Laser service is run exclusively at the Exeter Nuffield Hospital.

Minor Procedures

These can be done in an outpatient setting, with scrupulous attention to safety and avoidance of infection.

A nurse is always present at minor outpatient procedures. Some things are better done in the operating theatre.

John is very skilled in the use of local anaesthetics but sometimes an anaesthetist will also be needed to administer more complex types of local anaesthetic.

Major Operations

John carries out private operations in the two local Nuffield Hospitals in Exeter and Taunton.

Sometimes, operations are best done in the NHS hospital and private beds are usually available for post operative care, should this occur.

John gives attentive post operative follow up and works with his anaesthetic colleagues to ensure the best post operative recovery.